On April 1, 2024, Dr. Takeaki Uchida, Vice Chairman of Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club (VAHC Club) and Mr. Hiroshi Fukushima, Executive Director of the Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A) signed a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum. The online signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Le Ngoc Anh Minh, Chairman of VAHC Club and Mr. Truong Nhu Tung, Technology Hub of VAHC Club.


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The purpose of this MoU is to establish a non-binding strategic partnership between the Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club and the Japan Hydrogen Association.


This memorandum of understanding proposes the exchange of information between the organizations of the two sides on an ongoing basis and in conjunction with established committees or working groups. The MoU proposes the following (but not limited to) information sharing areas and mechanisms:


• Participate in committees, working groups and industry events as appropriate

• Share reports, educational materials and lessons learned

• Exchange information on government policies and regulations related to the hydrogen sector.


The above suggestions are proposed to facilitate better cooperation and sharing towards our common goals and should not limit further cooperation where appropriate.


Information about VAHC Club, excerpt:

Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club, abbreviated as VAHC, is a private club. We aim to create a formal playground for policy makers, scientists, researchers, project developers, financial investors and donors on climate change to shape into a hydrogen community in Vietnam, the South and the ASEAN region. Through VAHC, members, government and non-government agencies, advocates, technologists and hydrogen energy investors can meet and transfer resources in terms of human resources, land funds, and technology. technology, know-how, financing, construction, supply and consumption of hydrogen at national and regional levels. We advise international partners on establishing hydrogen, clean energy and new energy projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Our website at


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Information about the JH2A Association, excerpt:

Purpose of JH2A

Creating a hydrogen-rich earth ~ Bringing the world ever-changing and nature-friendly hydrogen energy ~

Hydrogen has the simplest structure with atomic number 1.

Hydrogen was the first atom created in the universe and the universe, Earth and living organisms are all filled with hydrogen.

Clean energy can be extracted from a variety of materials and does not emit CO2 when burned.

It can change shape according to imagination and can be used as electricity, heat or raw materials.

At JH2A, we provide the transformative and nature-friendly energy of hydrogen to the world, creating a good future for both people and nature.


We will rapidly build a hydrogen society through the realization of social deployment projects.

In Japan, the public and private sectors have been involved in hydrogen demonstration, development and research experiments for a long time, but the infrastructure for social deployment is lacking, and supply costs are high. compared to existing fuels and the market is still young.


At this Association, we want to continue discussions with various stakeholders on the main directions of future strategies aimed at realizing a hydrogen society.


In the early stages, it will not be possible to continue the efforts of private enterprises alone; Support from central and local governments is essential. We pledge that people, central and local governments and industry will work together to create a society that gives children hope for the future.



Contact Information

Mr. Tran Minh Chien, Secretariat, email:, phone number: 090 504 9135



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Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club (VAHC)

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